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Asset finance

Plant and equipment finance

We search and sort through the many plant and equipment finance options available, and recommend a product that fits your business goals and needs. Whatever your business and whatever the type of equipment you need, at Haas Associates Loans & Leasing we make it our business to find you the most suitable finance.

Contact Derek when you need finance for:

  • cars, trucks, or other vehicles
  • earth moving equipment
  • plant and machinery
  • refrigeration
  • agricultural equipment
  • construction or mining equipment, and
  • dental, medical, or other scientific equipment.

Talk to Derek about plant and equipment finance

Some things to consider…

When considering finance for your business purchases, you have options—you can usually buy or lease. So, you’ll be weighing up what’s best for your business in its current state, and for your business plan. A business loan or a leasing contract?

It’s certainly worth considering both options and the Federal Government has helpful information about the pros and cons of both, and when—and in which circumstances—each is most useful.

Derek Haas has also helped scores of small business owners get perfectly-suited loans and leases over the past 20+ years. Please reach out for an obligation-free chat to discuss your options.

Being self-employed, I needed a finance broker with expertise in financial statements and business lending, and Derek was able to help!

V. McCurdy, Victoria