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Refinance a loan

With interest rates are on the move, everyone wants to know if this is the time to refinance a loan and lock in rate. It’s a good question. A reliable, manageable rate can free up cash flow now, or shave years off your repayments in the long term. 

Derek Haas always recommends you check with your current lender first, to see what rates they can offer. Lenders will usually work hard to keep you as a customer. If you aren’t satisfied with the response, get in touch. Derek can show you what other lenders are offering, and find the refinancing deal that’s right for your situation. He’ll do all the calls, liaison, and running around to make the process as smooth as possible.

Talk to Derek about how to refinance a home loan

Some things to consider…

Even when interest rates aren’t rising rapidly, it’s a good idea—over the years—to check that your home loan rate is still competitive,

There are often great benefits to refinancing with a new lender. Big savings on repayments, for example. Perhaps a longer repayment period can be negotiated.

But there may be hidden costs to making a switch which wind up costing you as much—or more—as staying with your current lender may have. And don’t forget, your current lender wants to keep your business. So approaching them to see if they can give you a fixed rate, or a lower rate, is always the best starting point. You may be surprised!

But, good brokers will know what’s happening in the market and have the contacts and know-how to find and negotiate better rates for you. Read more about how and when to refinance a loan on our FAQs page. Or, if you are ready for a change, contact Derek Haas for a no-obligation chat.