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Home renovation loans

Home renovation loans are easier to get when you know how. So, whether you’re buying a renovator’s delight, planning a major overhaul on your own home, or just need a little extra to put in a new kitchen or bathroom, Haas Associates can help make it happen.

Will you need to factor the renovation costs into your initial purchase price? Get a separate renovation loan? Or add the renovation costs to your existing mortgage

Derek will do the numbers to see what’s possible, present you with the possibilities, and follow it through until the money’s in your account.
Talk to Derek about home renovation loans. He’s been doing this for more than 20 years!

Talk to Derek about renovation loans

Some things to consider about home renovation loans…

There are a lot of different factors placing pressure on home renovations costs and tradie availability in the current market. From the Covid-driven desire for more space to its impact on the supply chain; from the spiralling cost of living to the ongoing impact of natural-disaster repair work—the demands are many and diverse.

But renovating is still a popular option for many homeowners. So getting the right home renovation loan for your personal situation is a crucial step in the process.

When you’ve decided on your renovation—whether it’s a major construction rebuild or a simple refresh to maximise your sale price— get your finances ready for approval quickly and simply. Derek Haas knows which lenders are quick to approve, offer flexible loans, and which aren’t. He’s been helping homeowners find the right home renovation loan for more than 20 years.

Contact Derek today for a no-obligation chat.