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Expat loans in Australia

Expat loans in Australia are tricky but totally achievable. Australian citizens living and working overseas can still buy property here. But only specific Australian lenders will offer finance.

To make things more complicated, each of those lenders has its own specific requirements and expectations.  

Over two decades, Haas Associates has settled loans for ex-pats living everywhere from London, Europe, and the UAE, to the United States, Asia, and the Cayman Islands. So, Derek can help you find the right loan from many expat-friendly lenders.

To top it off, Derek works across time zones to make application and approval deadlines, and get documents signed, sealed, and delivered—wherever you are!

Talk to Derek about expats loans in Australia

Some things to consider…

There is a restricted number of Australian lenders who offer expats loans. Those that do have assessment policies that are very strict.

That’s why using a broker experienced in expat loans can make this process less stressful, especially taking into account the added difficulties of timezones, conveyancing and whether you are using a buyer’s agent.

But getting an Australian loan, or refinancing, as an Australian citizen living overseas is possible. Right now though, Australian lenders are only accepting applications from PAYG-style borrowers. Self-employed Aussie expats don’t fit the current policy.

You can read more about expat loans in a piece featuring Derek Haas on the site, or on our FAQs page.

“As a long-term expat looking to retire back home [in Australia], I started looking at property during lockdown…I came across Derek’s broking services and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. In fact, I was so happy, I bought two properties and used his services twice.”

Natasha, Cayman Islands.