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Investment loans

Investment loans can seem daunting. But investing in rental property isn’t as difficult as you may think. Many lenders welcome so-called “mum and dad” investors who have solid equity in their own homes. Derek Haas knows what lenders expect and what they will offer. So, he can help you capitalise on your equity to get the loan that’s right for your circumstances.

Of course, if you’re already in the investor market—and are looking to expand your portfolio —Derek Haas can help find you the investment-friendly lenders to suit your needs.  So, whether you’re buying your first rental unit, or your fifth, Haas Associates can help make it happen.

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Some things to consider…

Before you invest in rental properties, it’s wise to consider the implications.

Investing in property can be a good way of building wealth, but keeping abreast of tax regulations, deductions and crackdowns is also vital.

Talking to a registered financial advisor is always a good first step.

If you want to know more about getting a loan for an investment property, reach out to Derek Haas.