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Consolidate debt and maximise equity

The move to consolidate debt and maximise equity can benefit people in a host of diverse financial positions.

For example, do you have a range of loans at various interest rates, and feel swamped by paperwork? Consolidating your debts into a single, more-manageable loan may help, saving time and money.

Or, perhaps you’ve paid off, or built-up significant equity in your home. You can borrow against that equity for renovations, to fund your lifestyle, or help family members.  

Contact Derek about consolidating debt and maximising equity

Some things to consider…

Want to consolidate debt?

It’s a sound idea to check your financial position as it stands. What do you own? What savings or investments do you have? What debts are outstanding? The Federal Government’s Net Worth Calculator is a good place to start.

Enter your details and see where you are at, then contact Derek to help find you a consolidation loan that will work best for your situation.