Small Business Loans

Having a great idea is only a small part of establishing a successful business and many under-funded businesses close their doors within the first year of trading. At Haas Associates Loans & Leasing, we are small business owners too, so we understand the expenses and cash flow issues other small business operators can expect.

Things like cash flow management, planning, budgeting & having a realistic understanding of establishment costs and ongoing expenses.

Business establishment costs:

  • Rent or lease in advance, security deposit or bond.
  • Fit-out of premises, including furnishings, signage, etc.
  • Telephone, fax, internet, power, water and gas.
  • Equipment, such as computers, motor vehicles, etc.
  • Stock and/or raw materials.
  • Advertising and promotion.
  • Licences, trademarks, registrations and permits.
  • Insurance: building, contents/tools of trade, workers´ compensation, motor vehicle, public liability, professional indemnity, etc.
  • Wages and salaries including superannuation, holidays and sick leave.
  • Taxation provisions to cover wages, GST and others.
  • Staff Uniforms & personal protective equipment.

Ongoing costs:

  • Wages, salaries and Sub-contractor or contractors’ fees.
  • Workers´ compensation insurance.
  • Staff amenities including parking.
  • Taxes on wages, provision for GST payable.
  • Rent, rates, taxes on premises or mortgage interest.
  • Bank interest and merchant-related fees.
  • Repairs and maintenance of premises.
  • Upkeep of staff uniforms, protective equipment, plant, tools, etc.
  • Security.
  • Stock and/or raw materials.
  • Bank fees, interest on loans.
  • Leasing or hire purchase costs.
  • Advertising, promotion, market research.
  • Telecommunications including internet.
  • Office supplies, printing and postage.
  • Consultants, including accountant, solicitors and other professional fees.
  • Packaging materials, delivery and freight.
  • Professional memberships.
  • Staff Training
  • Inspections, registrations, licensing and permits.

Haas Associates may be able to assist you with long term, ongoing finance for your business or short term finance to assist between contracts or payments. Call Haas Associates Loans & Leasing today on 07 3252 2261 to find out how.