Commercial Property Loans

With interest rates low and rents high, it can make sense to become an owner occupier of your own commercial premises, building equity in your own property asset for the longer term instead of helping your landlord achieve a comfortable retirement.

If your business has healthy cash flow and you can satisfy one of our panel lender’s borrowing requirements, you could say goodbye to your landlord soon.

Alternatively, if you’ve found a great lettable commercial property which either has a good tenant or won’t be hard to let, and if you have the cash flow to cover your loan repayments in the event of a vacancy, you could qualify in becoming a commercial landlord soon by having Haas Associates Loans & Leasing help you find the most suitable finance.

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TIP: Commercial tenants often take better care of your investment than some residential tenants as they conduct their business from your premises and need to present a well maintained image to their clients. Commercial tenants usually pay outgoings such as rates and fees while residential tenants usually only pay water usage. Please check your local leasing guidelines for details.